Capture Library


Our streaming and writing libraries come together with flexible and easy configurable media capture and encoding libraries. If you only need to capture built-in or attached camera/mic then our libraries already have all the necessary functionality for that.


VASTreaming relies on native capture frameworks available on each supported platform. On Windows it's Media Foundation, DirectShow, WASAPI and ASIO. On iOS and macOS it's AVFoundation. On Android it's android.hardware.Camera and On Linux capture is not supported at the moment.

Video and audio processing

In addition to capture itself VASTreaming provides the ability to mix the following video sources into a single output stream:

See video processing section for detailed explanation of video mixing functionality.

Similarly, the following audio sources could be mixed into a single output audio stream:

See audio processing section for detailed explanation of audio mixing functionality.

Sources can be added to and removed from a mix on the fly, without interrupting the output.

Streaming and file writing

Capture can be used as a source for live streaming as well as for writing into MP4 file. Simultaneous streaming to multiple locations and simultaneous streaming/writing are supported.


VASTreaming capture library is available for Android, iOS, Windows and macOS. The library exists in the following languages/frameworks:

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