VASTreaming MPEG-DASH library allows creating MPEG-DASH server to distribute streams to connected clients. Another protocols (such as RTMP or RTSP) can be used to ingest the live stream. Based on the server hardware configuration, it can serve from hundreds to tens of thousands of simultaneous connections.

Advanced MPEG-DASH server features:

Server-oriented functions can be a good base for development of new server-side applications unfolding new possibilities for video content providers.


VASTreaming MPEG-DASH libraries supports the following codecs:

The library is pretty flexible and extendable to add any new codec support upon a customer request.

For customer needs, any video or audio streaming custom features could be easily implemented with this library, including such serious options as the protocol extensions.


VASTreaming MPEG-DASH libraries are available for Android, iOS, Windows, Linux and macOS. The library exists in the following languages/frameworks:

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