2.9 Image

VAST.OpenGL.OpenGlImageProcessor implements advanced image processing in real time. It can be used for mixing of several static and dynamic images into one output image. This object uses GPU acceleration and cannot work at all in case of GPU absence in the system. The image processor is platform independent and is implemented through a platform independent interface. But for operation, OpenGL context is required. OpenGL is initialized through a platform dependent method. VASTreaming library provides platform dependent context creation for Windows and Linux at the moment.

VAST.Image.ImageSource implements IMediaSource interface and provides user with a possibility to create a video source based on one or more images; i.e., at the input, either one static image or update of the once sent image should be given if necessary. The output of ImageSource produces a standard video stream, e.g., H264.

VAST.Image.JPEG.MjpegHttpSource implements interface of INetworkSource and ensures a possibility to create a source receiving data from a MJPEG over HTTP server. This source does not transcode video data and therefore is not supported by all sinks.

VAST.Image.JPEG.MjpegServer implements a MJPEG over HTTP protocol server. This server cannot work as a stand-alone server, but only as a part of multi-protocol streaming server. Correspondently, it can only receive MJPEG video at its input, audio is not supported.

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